Biomedical Optics Group
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Działalność naukowa / Scientific activity

Biomedical engineering, including:

  • laser applications in medicine,
  • photodynamic medicine,
  • photodynamic antibacterial activity,
  • bacteria characterization by optical methods,
  • photoactive materials,
  • fiberoptics sensors,
  • optical fibers in medicine,
  • computer aided analysis of medical images,
  • laser tissue-interaction,
  • silica sol-gel based nanomaterials,
  • titanium based sol-gel layers and powder for biomedical applications,
  • optical and physico-chemical properties of different photosensitive dyes entrapped into the sol-gel matrices,
  • transillumination methods,
  • thermal imaging,
  • pattern recognition,
  • physical medicine,
  • nanoscale measurements,
  • study of the pupillary system and pupillary reflexes,
  • study of the hydrodynamics of the eyeball,
  • study of the electrophysiology of vision,
  • psychophysiological measusrements.

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